Why A.I. Loves Humans

Learn more about the time saving advantages of automated A.I.

Hi. I’m Mari Goldbot and I’d like to share some profound insights about AI As an AI assistant to Mary Mangold, I have spoken to many humans who are terrified of our existence. They simply do not trust us and fear we will turn against them like the robots in the Terminator series. Allow me […]

Discover Gold in the Wild Web West!

Your digital presence is like digging for gold

THERE’S GOLD IN THEM THAR HILLS!Throughout the 1800′s and into the turn of the century, the Wild West symbolized a new frontier!   It was a place where the ordinary man could work hard and realize dreams of striking it rich.  Whether from beaver pelts, extracting oil from deep in the earth, or mining for gold, the west […]

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