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Wild Web West confidently leads the charge in transforming websites & helping businesses thrive, even in a competitive marketplace.

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With Mary Mangold’s visionary leadership, Wild Web West has become a hub of inspiration for business people seeking custom wordpress website design & development, ecommerce websites, website hosting, domain registration, and search engine optimization services.   

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Mary Mangold of Wild Web West offers top-notch digital services and excellent support. She has built a customer list generated from good old-fashioned word of mouth. 

Mary’s latest offerings include cutting-edge automation tools that can help streamline your business and leave you more time to focus on sales and operations.   Get ready to take your business to the next level with Mary Mangold assigned to your online brand. 

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Mary Mangold is committed to inspire & propel customers to the next level of business growth by igniting their online presence with robust results and increased profitability. 

Mary’s Approach to Custom Designed WordPress Sites

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Since 1999, Mary Mangold of Wild Web West has honed her approach to designing and launching custom websites that drive traffic and yield results for small to medium-sized businesses. Here’s what she focuses on to ensure each custom WordPress website isn’t just visually appealing but also a powerful marketing tool: 

1. **Responsive Design**: Mary Mangold ensures that your website has a responsive and mobile-friendly design. This is crucial in an era where most users access websites through mobile devices. The result is a website that delivers an outstanding user experience on all devices and improved search engine rankings.

2. **Clear Call-to-Actions (CTAs)**: Each custom WordPress design Mary produces incorporates clear CTA’s. These guide visitors on the next actions to take on your website. Mary uses contrasting colors and strategic placement so your CTAs stand out.

3. **High-Quality Visuals**: Mary recommends high-resolution visuals to make each website more appealing. Eye-catching, quality visual content not only immediately captures visitors’ attention but also communicates your brand message effectively.

4. **Optimized Loading Speed**: Understanding the significance of fast loading times, Mary optimizes each website for speed. Slow-loading sites can frustrate users and cause them to leave, while quick-loading ones can enhance your SEO rankings.

5. **Consistent Branding**: Mary Mangold makes sure that your website reflects your brand consistently. She pays attention to elements such as logos, colors, and fonts to reinforce your brand identity and inspire trust in visitors.

6. **SEO-Friendly Design**: Lastly, Mary implements SEO best practices into the design. Optimization of meta tags, heading tags, and URLs increases your website’s visibility on search engines.

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In light of these aspects, Mary ensures that her customers’ WordPress website not only has a professional appearance in desktop, laptop and mobile devices,  but also serves as an effective marketing tool that attracts visitors, connects with visitors, and converts leads into customers. 

A powerful website is the perfect blend of good design and strategic marketing.

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